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magnet liquid


Magnetic liquids (MLs) in terms of colloidal chemistry are stable highly dispersed heterogeneous systems. MLs have a unique combination of fluidity and ability to interact substantially with magnetic field. The properties of ML are determined by characteristics of its constituents (solid magnetic phase, dispersion medium and stabilizer), varying which the physico-chemical properties can be changed to a large extend depending on using conditions.

The process of ML preparation consists of two main stages – production of magnetic nano-particles and their stabilization in liquid base. However the synthesis can be realized in different ways and everyone has its own method of synthesis mainly patented.


Investigation methods

Nanomagnetic” Co. Ltd. was founded in 2008 on the base of Institute of Solution Chemistry of RAS for commercialization of developments in the field of magnetic nanotechnologies. The Company has it own exclusive methods of magnetic nano-systems investigation: two automated micro-calorimeters for measurements of magneto-caloric effect and heat capacity in magnetic fields at different temperatures, the device for determination of static magnetic characteristics of magnets by differential - ballistic method, vibration densimeter, rheological, IR-spectroscopic and microscopic equipment. At the disposal of our company there are modern scientific equipments of Verhnevolzhsk's Regional Research Facilities United Center:


AAS-3 Atomic-absorptive spectrophotometer AAS-3 (Germany) with flame atomization.
АAtomic-absorptive spectrophotometer l-1100(USA) with electrothermal atomization; Saturn (Russia).
VRA-30Roentgen-fluorescent  microanalyzer VRA-30 (Germany). A range from 14 to uranium
LMA-10 Laser microanalyzer LMA-10 (Germany). A range from 190 to 900 nanometers.
Specord_M40 Specord M80 (Germany); Specord M400 (Germany); Specord M40 (Germany).
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer Tesla BS-587 (Czechia).
Durrum_D-110_D-150Spectrophotometer the stopped jet and temperature gallop Durrum D-110 D-150 (USA).
Biolyte-95 Automated gas  chromatograph Biolyte-95 (Austria).
Automated gas  chromatograph 3700 (Russia).
Automated liquid chromatograph Gilson 302 (France) with conductometric, ultra-violet, fluorescent and electrochemical detectors.
Liquid chromatograph Liquopump 312/1 (Hungary).
Tesla_BS-300 Electronic microscope Tesla BS-300 (Czechia).
Bruker_AC-500Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer Bruker AC-200 (Germany).
DSC_204_F1_Phoenix Differential automatic calorimeter DSC 204 F1 Phoenix NETZSCH (Germany).
Scal_1Differential microcalorimeter Scal 1.
Differential automatic calorimeter of titration.
1000D_MOM Derivatograph 1000D "Mom" (Hungary).